Roasted Garlic & Pink Salt

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Imagine a fusion of high quality Himalayan Pink Salt and Garlic!

We are proud to offer this product to you. Our source captures the deliciously rich taste of the roasted garlic. This essential variety offers an enticing aroma and unmistakable, authentic flavor unrivaled by any other option on the market. All natural with zero additives or artificial flavors, our Roasted Garlic Pink Salt boasts perfect texture, moisture & balance lending itself to a variety of applications, from finishing and topping, cooking and dry brining, to rubs and marinades.


Fine Grain: The crunchy crystals of fine grain, are ideal for topical applications on confections and packaged foods. This grain size is ideal for spice blends and rubs, adding texture and attractive color to the mix. Food service customers appreciate this size for its attractive look & delicious flavor as a drink rimmer or crunchy garnish on robust salads and seafood.

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